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Global Social Media Policy - External

1. Introduction

Eversys strongly encourage its distributors, and clients to be advocates on behalf of our company. As our online infrastructure continues to expand, this welcomes new responsibilities. We value transparency, which is why it is important for us to communicate openly with our professional network about our new global online policy which must be adhered to with immediate effect.

The following document details Eversys’ new social media policy for both personal and commercial use, as well as new guidelines towards how Eversys is to be shared and advertised online, specifically by our distributors.

2. Code of Conduct

As an Eversys distributor, you are viewed by customers, our partners, our team members, and external parties as a representative of Eversys. We value your collaboration and we want to ensure when participating in digital communications, you are adhering to our official code of conduct as well as the values we hold as a company.

All social media profiles that are branded as ‘Eversys’ which are acting as an external promotion of Eversys with the use of our company name, ‘Eversys’, within the format of any social media profiles must be removed with immediate effect. This includes any profiles that are active on social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

When promoting Eversys, you must do so on your own accord under your own professional personal or business profile. Eversys no longer permits the external use of our company name in any social media username, as well as our logo as the display picture for promotional purposes of any kind.

The core Eversys social media profile is @eversyshq on Instagram or Eversys SA on Facebook and LinkedIn. These profiles are considered official Eversys property. If any persons continue to act on behalf of Eversys with branded Eversys accounts outside of the two listed above could face consequences.

1. Using your own profile

At Eversys, community is a core value of our company and because of that, we continuously make efforts to uphold each and every one of our relationships in our professional network. If you are a distributor who will now be using your own business or individual username or profile on social media, let us know. We will always ensure to support your positive promotions, the posts you tag us in and the comments you make.

2. Be responsible, have fun and connect

Social media is where we build connections and have conversations. Eversys has always been a leader in using technology for the benefit of consumers worldwide. Social media is another tool that compliments what we do, and we ask you ensure what you say and do compliments us as well.
We also ask that you ensure you are participating in social media conversations the right way. If you do not have authority on a subject, a question, or a proposal, send someone within Eversys rather than responding yourself. Do not speak on behalf of Eversys if you are not giving an official Eversys response.

3. Be transparent

When discussing Eversys on social media, where appropriate, you should disclose that you work with Eversys. The simplest way you can disclose is to use the #EversysDistributor hashtag in any post that discusses Eversys or your partnership with us.

4. Respect Eversys, Respect your audience

As an Eversys distributor, you are a representative of our company on your network. When conducting yourself on social media whether from your personal or business profile, never use ethnic slurs, personal insults, obscenity or engage in any conduct that is not acceptable. As a virtual Eversys representative we ask that you behave respectfully and accordingly. Any persons that violates these principals can face termination of partnership with Eversys.

5. Respect our content & sharing guidelines

As Eversys grows, so do our innovations and our company news. If for any reason you receive information or imagery regarding an Eversys product, service or general news that has not been disclosed or shared first by official Eversys social media accounts, you are not allowed to share this information on your own accord on any social media channel under any circumstances. Failure to comply with this can result in social media profiles and posts being reported.

If you have any questions about the account you operate, your rights or general enquiries, please contact the marketing department at