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Eversys Policy

Eversys, through its management system, aims to contribute to the quality of life of all of its stakeholders-employees, customers, company as well as its environment. This system should also ensure and secure the continuous improvement and respect of the requirements mentioned in the ISO Quality standard (ISO 9001:2015), the ISO Occupational Health and Safety standard (ISO 45001:2018), the ISO Environmental standard (ISO:14001:2015) and the Social Responsibility Guidelines. In these four groups, the commitments are:


  • To pursue and exceed customers and consumers’ expected satisfaction focusing not only on offered products but also on all related/associated services.
  • To ensure a continuous relationship with the customer.
  • To keep a risk-approach mindset when dealing with any aspect of the company.
  • To maintain a Quality Management and ensure all tools are efficient and permanently up to date.
  • To promote the training of employees in order to optimise their capacities and ambitions in their professional activity.

Health and Safety

  • To establish a framework with Eversys' objectives and commitments to the health and safety of all employees.
  • To establish a list of risks, evaluate their potential impact, reduce them and eliminate them if possible.
  • To maintain an OHS Management System and ensure that all tools are efficient and permanently up to date.
  • To check the physical facilities and improve them, if necessary, through a communication with employees.


  • To establish a framework with Eversys' objectives and commitments to the environment.
  • To comply with and, where appropriate, exceed relevant environmental regulations.
  • To encourage environmental awareness through training courses.
  • To ensure that the company respects social values and involve staff in the company's approach.
  • To inform customers about Eversys' actions relating to ecology.
  • To commit to sustainable development with optimal use of raw materials and resources consumption.

Social responsibility

  • To fight against all forms of discrimination and promote diversity and professional conduct among everyone, whatever their age, gender, creed, or nationality.
  • To encourage freedom of expression for employees and continuity in their training relating to the environment.
  • To encourage and assist coffee suppliers as well as coffee organisations through philanthropic donations.
  • To set up an environmentally friendly transportation system, by setting up a bus or car-pooling system.
  • To introduce a teleworking policy in order to save employees' journeys and make their lives less stressful.
  • To evaluate the consumption of paper, energy, water, waste, resources, materials and optimise their use through a waste plan.
  • To fight against programmed obsolescence, by choosing quality, recyclable, and long-lasting products.

How we achieve this?

  • By implementing and monitoring the commitments noted above.
  • By committing to consult and motivate the employees to participate in the development of the management system and make it thrive
  • By making training courses available for employees.
  • By setting up documents, initiating surveys that measure customer satisfaction.
  • By updating the Management System documents as soon as there is a modification.
  • By reducing the impact on the environment by limiting waste.
  • By developing research in R&D in order to optimise the quality of products and services from our machines relating to energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Eversys is committed to ensuring that all members of the organisation, starting with the Executive Board, comply with the above principles and objectives and contribute to the continuous improvement of all operational processes.