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Step into the Future

Milk plays a vital role in the making of any coffee product, and that’s why at Eversys we have created 3 flexible programmes that provide different options to achieve the desired beverage.

1-Step Programme

Designed to be straight forward, our 1-Step option enables milk foam to be directly poured into the cup at the press of a button. The milk comes from a refrigerated element, up through the machine to be steamed, aerated and dispensed through the spout into the cup with no human intervention necessary.

1.5-Step Programme

Our latest innovation is the 1.5-Step, where the machine separates the dispensing of the milk and the espresso products, providing a milk foam dispensing arm that enables you to automatically create the perfect foam at the same time as your espresso is being poured into your cup. This programme enables you to create latte art with no barista trained skill and is also waste conscious as it only uses the exact quantity needed every single time.

2-Step Programme

Lastly, we have our 2-Step option which is a traditional steam arm, allowing you to texture the milk by product type using a conventional wand. This programme presents you with 3 different ways to achieve this.

The first, is to manually steam and aerate the milk. The second, is to aerate and steam the milk with the support of a temperature probe, making the wand stop when it has completed its job at the correct temperature. The third and final option, is to leave a milk pitcher underneath the steam arm, and at the press of a button the machine will do all of the work for you.

See it in Action

Watch our latest video with Eversys Brand Ambassador Matt Perger for more information about our milk programmes: