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Barista Skills Transferred into a Machine

Super Traditional

Eversys has always aimed to bridge the gap between the worlds of traditional and super-automatic machines to elevate the role of the barista to a higher level of creativity, in order to let human skills flourish.

“In many ways, Super Ts are still unexplored territory. It’ll continue to test the future of customer service, coffee quality, and consumer expectations. But the thing that will really transform this landscape, is that well-made coffee will no longer be an exclusively hand-made product. Once you realise that, the business model has to change.”. Champion Barista, Matt Perger.

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1. Grinding

Eversys designed ceramic blades driven by a powerful yet quiet motor, whose heat is cleverly channelled away from the coffee beans, to maintain their quality, via a set of fans. Electronic control maintains consistency of product throughout the day, ensuring optimal extraction at all times.

2. e'Levelling & Tamping

Automatic Levelling is the ability to initiate a movement to the brewing chamber, create a vibration which enable the powder in the chamber to spread more evenly, which leads to a better, more consistent extraction. The 24 -gram brewing chamber to facilitate single cycle large beverages is controlled by electronic tamping to guarantee consistent quality.

3. Temperature control

Dedicated coffee boilers, separate from the water/ steam boiler, provide productivity and temperature stability, essential parts of in-cup quality.

4. Brewing

Reverse gravity extraction vertical infusion optimises powder efficiency as the espresso is produced.

5. Milk Frothing

Milk is frothed with steam in the one-step system, promoting flavour as well as texture, mirroring the barista experience.

6. Creating

All products are pre-programmed to be dispensed in a consistent and efficient manner, placing seamless productivity and quality at the forefront of the customer experience.

In-Cup Quality

Type in the dose of coffee you need, how much water to pass through, and a desired brewing time, hit calibrate, and the equipment will adjust the grinder to achieve this target. Also, the machine guides your operator on his daily routine by forcing recalibration every morning with the push of a single button. The self-calibration will tailor your coffee products to fit the bespoke nature of your business and ensure consistency of your in-cup quality time and again.


Eversys equipment is built in modules, ensuring rapid access for technical intervention with minimal downtime and reduced maintenance costs.

Our e’API

Our API can synchronise automatically, read your ERP system and provide you with real time synchronised data. Furthermore, it can provide vendors access to P2P encryption used for mobile payments.

1.5-Step Programme

Our 1.5 Step is a new milk option that allows you to create perfect milk-based products without having much training. The system automatically dispenses the frothed milk through the wand at the same time as the espresso is being poured into the cup. With the help of a perfectly textured milk, staff are then able to create latte art designs. Due to its proficient technology, the machine dispenses the correct quantity of milk each time, reducing wastage.

e'Levelling System

Automatic levelling is the ability to initiate a movement to the brew chamber, creates a vibration which enables the powder in the chamber to spread more evenly, which leads to a better, more consistent extraction. This movement is a replica of what the barista does- taps the portafilter, after grinding up fresh beans in order to render the powder more compact.

The Benefits

Barista Quality

The e`Barista system, rather than replacing baristas, elevates them to a super barista level by providing them with the ability to set up the core components of optimal in-cup quality, whilst letting the machine repro​duce their creations, time after time.

Low labour cost

The e`Barista system optimises employee efficiency through ease of use as well as productivity. Moreover, skill level whilst always beneficial is not required in this instance, producing reduced labour costs as a result of lower training and operational efficiencies.


Without compromise to in-cup quality, the Eversys range also promotes high productivity. In fact, the Eversys produces a market-leading amount of beverages per square centimetre of space.


Once the flavour profiles and recipes have been professionally established, the e´Barista system reproduces them effortlessly through electronic control and adjustment of the grinder and powder quantity.


One of the most difficult tasks in the production of milk-based products is the frothing of milk. With e’foam, Eversys introduce both steam and air to produce the microfoam sought after by leading barista. The operator can then focus on latte art display, in the secure knowledge that the foam will be of premium texture and taste.


The Eversys range of machines optimises space through its patented brewing system. Ranging from 28 – 84 cms, the range can produce between 175 – 525 products per hour, whilst respecting the established market norms of extraction.


The Eversys range is built in modular format, enabling trained technical personnel to redress a malfunction through the simple exchange of modules, minimising downtime and optimising customer satisfaction.

No compromise

Eversys offers a range of products without compromise. Key performance indicators such as in-cup quality, ergonomics, productivity, downtime, remote access and intuitive user interface form an intrinsic part of all of Eversys machines.


Most employees do not like cleaning after a long working shift. Eversys can store one month’s worth of cleaning tablets, dispensed daily through an automatic distribution unit. This ensures that health and safety rules are maintained as well as safe-guarding the machine's optimum performance.


Touch pad simplicity means that training and utilisation are done through intuitive navigation, seemlessly moving through the various screens and programme keys. Once a machine has been programmed, all parameters can be saved and utilised to programme all further equipment.

Pull telemetry

e’Connect™ enables all stakeholders to have transparency on key performance parameters of the machines. Ranging from hourly, daily and monthly productivity, technical performance and drinks profiles, the machines can provide key management information in real time in “push” or “pull” format.

Push telemetry

Having the ability to modify machine parameters remotely will drive the costs of maintenance downwards as well as minimise downtime.