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Future-proof Your Coffee Equipment

Connectivity Solutions

In today’s fast-paced world of technology, it has become critical for businesses to acquire the ability to communicate with their assets. 

Eversys connectivity options provide 3 potential business solutions, tailor-made services that are designed to support all of your business needs; e’Connect, e’Connect API and e’API. These solutions enable different types of information to flow seamlessly to and from stakeholders, seamlessly integrate customer KPI’s, technical performance, consumption data, maintenance real-time.

This, in turn, enables management to make sound decisions based on facts.

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In-house telemetry system

Our telemetry technology provides you with tailor-made connectivity solutions designed to support your business needs. This creates transparency, performance and information flow to seamlessly integrate all of the customer’s key performance indicators into a pull/push reporting mechanism.

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The Benefits


e’Connect™ enables all stakeholders to have transparency on key performance parameters of the machines. Ranging from hourly/daily/monthly productivity, technical performance and drinks profiles, the machines can provide key management information in real time in “push” or “pull” format.

Remote control

Having the ability to modify machine parameters remotely will drive the costs of maintenance downwards as well as minimise downtime.

Priority Management

Reduce your maintenance costs with our priority management system. It allows you to track the breakdown maintenance requirement, giving priority to machines with the highest-level needs.

Operational efficiency

The telemetry system allows you to plan your future service maintenance schedule and anticipate spare part requirements. It also gives you full control over your resources and supply chain management.

Early warning system

The early-warning system controls your machine status and informs you in a timely fashion about any potential problem, thus preventing machine downtime.

API integration

Seamless integration is allowed thanks to our in-house Rest API. The Eversys API solution can provide vendors access to P2P encryption and tokenisation and new electronic invoicing market payments, allowing a customised coffee experience.

Data Mining

The telemetry system allows you to track and process live data from anywhere in the world, to control consistency and performance, ensuring transparency and generating statistics. Eversys can provide dashboards to enable you to merge data into simple reports.

Data protection

Data Protection has become more important than ever. For that reason, Eversys has implemented a higher level resistance firewall and gateways and complies to the newest standards required for infrastructure, identity and access management.


The telemetry system allows you to have full-water quality control and to monitor your supply of coffee as well as optimising water & energy management.

e'Connect API

Rest API

e’Connect API

Provides a standard interface that enables connections from different cloud solutions, empowering you to align your business requirements with the precise level of features you need for your business.

You can create you own Telemetry App, Dashboard & integrate data into your ERP.

Automated Logistics

A significant benefit that the automatic management of Vend Data provides is the ability to contribute a behind-the-counter, retailer-operated secure dispensing system. This enables employees to easily manage the sale and supply of coffee products.  

• Restocking on a needs basis 
• Guarantee freshness
• Minimise storage on site and reduce your overall stock
• Optimise your labour force’s time management
• Automatic invoicing system

Maintenance Management

Maintenance management offers a variety of features such as automatically creating tasks in your service platform, planning water filter exchanges or implementing your own alerting system.

• Automatically create tasks in your service platform (e.g. ticketing system) 
• Plan your preventative maintenance interventions
• Plan water filter exchange
• Use the correct size of water filter for each machine
• Implement your own alerting system

Monitor your KPIs

The company’s ERP can fetch the telemetry data via the e’Connect API. There are different levels of data (machine data, view data, and dashboard data).

• Add a KPI dashboard inside your ERP
• Implement your own alerting system when KPI’s are not reached
• Plan interventions on machines with a rating that is too low (e.g. ETC rating)
• Monitor your franchisee’s performance


Device API

Payment Extension

By using only a little external controller you can implement a payment solution using the machine display for user interaction.

You have the flexibility to select whatever payment system you wish to provide. You have full control of the messages displayed on the screen.

Vending machines

In this case, our e'API is used to providing full remote control on your device. Our machine is often not visible and becomes a module, a part of a bigger solution.

• Use the Eversys as a module of your vending machine

• Full remote control of the Eversys

• Use your own user interface

• Use your own payment systems and/or cloud solutions

e'API Robots

Eversys have innovated to design this technology that enables you to create custom software that connects to your Eversys machine to best suit your coffee business, which has evolved into the use of robots. Companies such as Ratio, Barnoics and Crown Coffee have integrated our API system into their business because the system is easily connected with their robots, providing them with a sustainable and solution friendly product.


e’Solutions are entirely focused on enabling you and your customers to be in total control of your coffee solution, creating a bespoke environment that is aligned with your specific business needs, goals and expectations.

Inspire Creativity

Provide your customer with the opportunity to create individual products that offer both a solution and consistent in-cup quality, at the touch of a button. 

Preserve Consistency

Create quality products without a fuss. Enhance your customer experience with reliability and no constraints on the quality of product available.

Lower Operational Costs

Reduce expenditure on operations with a service that intelligently replaces the need for human intervention. Realistic, easy and good value for business.

Automatise Logistics

Reduce expenditure on operations with a service that intelligently replaces the need for human intervention. Realistic, easy and good value for business.

Optimise Maintenance

A variety of features from planning water filter changes or implementing your own alerting system. Stay instantly updated with the status of your machine via the data you can fetch from our REST API.

Monitor KPI’s

The e’Connect API provides telemetry data that enables you to add a KPI dashboard inside your ERP, allowing you to stay updated when KPI’s are not reached as well as monitor your franchises performance.