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Real-time Data

In today’s connectivity world, it is business critical for HORECA chains to be able to communicate-to and from, their asset base. e’Connect is a protocol, which enables all stakeholders- through clearly defined security protocols, to access data relevant to technical performance, productivity, consumption and product mix related to each machine. This creates transparency, performance and information flow to seamlessly integrate all of the customer’s key performance indicators into a pull/push reporting mechanism.

The Benefits


e’Connect™ enables all stakeholders to have transparency on key performance parameters of the machines. Ranging from hourly/daily/monthly productivity, technical performance and drinks profiles, the machines can provide key management information in real time in “push” or “pull” format.

Remote control

Having the ability to modify machine parameters remotely will drive the costs of maintenance downwards as well as minimise downtime.

Priority Management

Reduce your maintenance costs with our priority management system. It allows you to track the breakdown maintenance requirement, giving priority to machines with the highest-level needs.

Operational efficiency

The telemetry system allows you to plan your future service maintenance schedule and anticipate spare part requirements. It also gives you full control over your resources and supply chain management.

Early warning system

The early-warning system controls your machine status and informs you in a timely fashion about any potential problem, thus preventing machine downtime.

API integration

Seamless integration is allowed thanks to our in-house Rest API. The Eversys API solution can provide vendors access to P2P encryption and tokenisation and new electronic invoicing market payments, a customised coffee experience.

Data Mining

The telemetry system allows you to track and process live data from anywhere in the world, to control consistency and performance, ensuring transparency and generating statistics. Eversys can provide dashboards to enable you to merge data into simple reports.

Data protection

Data Protection has become more important than ever. For that reason, Eversys has implemented a higher level resistance firewall and gateways and complies to the newest standards required for infrastructure, identity and access management.


The telemetry system allows you to have full-water quality control and to monitor your supply of coffee as well as optimising water & energy management.