Technical Support


Eversys has built a worldwide support network; all of Eversys’ customers are supported by a local service provider, a certified Eversys partner company. This guarantees a prompt, competent and efficient service on site. All Eversys service vendor companies are trained directly by Eversys Switzerland.

Customer Service

Customer Service is an online and telephone support to our distribution partners worldwide. A team of experts in sales, marketing, technical support and administration provide all required information, training and expertise to Eversys partners, in Switzerland as well as abroad. 

EET – Eversys Expert Tool

The Eversys Expert Tool is a unique yet comprehensive electronic training system that was developed by Eversys Switzerland. The EET’s aim is to impart technical knowledge directly to the service engineer who manages our machines. It serves as a ‘train the trainer’ tool as well as a self-study system. This tool ensures that your service engineer has the best possible knowledge in technology, espresso quality and service delivery work.


The Connectivity

In today’s connectivity world, it is business critical for HORECA chains to be able to communicate-to and from, their asset base.

e’Connect is a protocol, which enables all stakeholders- through clearly defined security protocols, to access data relevant to technical performance, productivity, consumption and product mix related to each machine.
This creates transparency, performance and information flow to seamlessly integrate all of the customer’s key performance indicators into a pull/push reporting mechanism.