August, 2016

Distributor Excellence Award 2016

The Hong-Kong based Hiang Kie Coffee Group celebrated the opening of its new branch in Xiamen (China), with the traditional performance of the Dragon Dance, venerated in China, as they are considered as bringers of luck. 


During the ceremony, Eversys remitted Hiang Kie Coffee Group the Distributor Excellence Award 2016- each office was awarded a memento plaque. This award recognizes them for their sales achievements throughout the year but also for being a strong and successful strategic partner in the Asia region.


With 16 branch offices located in capital cities of major provinces in mainland China, Hiang Kie’s 200-strong team offers total beverage solutions to food service operators throughout the region.


Hiang Kie’s spokesperson and Group CEO, Mr Clive Chan, says that ‘while each customer has different circumstances and priorities, there is one constant – the need for high quality coffee that can be reliably produced at any time’.


‘In addition to doing just this, Chan says, Eversys machines offer exceptional additional functionality in terms of ease of maintenance and servicing, and a particularly rich set of features for connectivity and data collection’.


Through the establishment of this successful partnership with the Hiang Kie Coffee Group, Eversys has managed to gain a foothold in this fast-moving and even faster-growing market. 

Hiang Kie Coffee Group Eversys