June, 2018

Eversys invests in new office and expert staff to support global demand

Swiss, super-automatic coffee equipment company Eversys has opened a new office with a private showroom to accommodate global customer demand and growth.


A new home with room to grow 

The showroom is the site’s focal point. The private and intimate space provides the perfect stage to showcase its renowned e’series and new c’series, including the next generation of espresso machines, the c’2 Cameo. 


Based just a few steps away from the company’s Head Office, the brand’s HR, Sales & Marketing, Customer Services and Finance Departments have all moved to the new site.  The R&D department remains in the former building, giving it space for the whole team to continue to grow. 


Away from Switzerland, Eversys Inc. has also expanded its presence in North America, opening a new office in New York to sit alongside the company’s current Toronto site. 


New staff, new skills, same culture

The sales team has also expanded, with three new experts joining the ranks, to answer an ever-growing demand in key markets.  


Herbert Sempach joined as Swiss sales director; Claudio Maschietto as regional business development director APA (Asia); and Stuart Schwadron as Corporate Sales Director for the USA. Between them, the three bring a wealth of coffee and equipment experience. And, with their skills, they will each play a major role in growing Eversys’ global reach and achieving its bold expectations for the future. 


Herbert Sempach said: “Eversys has created its own category with its super-automatic machines – there’s no other company like us. We offer something different and know it’s vital we bring our DNA into sales communications around the world with one unique and unified voice. 


“The new head office, and showroom in particular, will play a valuable role in putting our ethos and exceptional equipment in front of more customers than ever before. And with the expansion of our sales team, our global reach will continue to grow allowing more consumers to enjoy truly exceptional coffee. That’s what it all comes down to for us.”


When discussing what the future has in store for the brand, Claudio Maschietto said: “I’m convinced that the future can only reflect the past for Eversys, meaning tremendous growth and a lot of successful stories to come.”


Meanwhile, when asked about the brand’s future, Stuart Schwadron simply said: “I’ll abbreviate it as ‘endless possibilities’!”.


One year on since De’Longhi’s investment

This June marks the one-year anniversary of De’Longhi’s partnership with Eversys, and the impact from one of coffee’s biggest names has been immediate. 


Kamal Bengougam, Eversys’ Chief Commercial Officer, said: “Although our relationship is still in its infancy, we’ve already been able to capitalise on De’Longhi’s unparalleled experience. We’ve learned a great deal from them with regards to infrastructure development, and our new factory – dedicated to c’2 Cameo production – has been inspired by many of their ideas. 


“It’s been a fantastic year with the opening of our new factory, the release of the c’2 Cameo and the launch of our new head office and showroom. With De’Longhi’s continued support and our ever-growing team, we’re excited for what the future holds.”


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New showroom at Eversys