Case Studies

France's finest roaster found a machine to match

Before founding L’arbre à café in 2008, Hippolyte Courty, who’s experience was based in the complex world of wine, didn’t like coffee much at all. However, after one exceptional cup of specialty coffee his mind changed forever. He finally understood coffee’s beauty and the complexity of its flavour. And, most importantly, he saw the business opportunity of truly great coffee.

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Fast, consistent and delicious: Robo-coffee from RATIO

Look behind the bar at one store in K11, Shanghai, and you’ll spot an eye-catching white, robotic arm. This is the RATIO robo-barista, and it’s revolutionising both coffee and cocktails in equal measure.

RATIO takes coffee automation and personalisation to new heights.

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Coffee and chocolate. The perfect pair.

Hotel Chocolat first started as an online store in 1993, becoming one of the UK’s first ‘e-tailers’, delivering incredible chocolate to consumers all over the country. Since its innovative beginnings, the brand has continued to adapt and expand its offer, from online to stores, through to its most recent venture, cafés.

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Efficiency and connectivity combine to change the world of coffee

BRIGGO is on a mission to change the world of coffee. With its ‘robot baristas’ serving exceptional coffee in the city it calls home, the company is taking automation to new levels, and expanding beyond Austin with the support of the Eversys R&D team.

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A coffee machine for a healthy fast food chain like no other

Eversys partners with Leon

LEON has become the go-to stop for anyone looking for a lunch that tastes great, is served fast and is good for you. Exceptional quality and consistency at a fast pace is at the core of what LEON does, and this ethos extends to its coffee.

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Eversys at the mArtigny boutique hotel

In 2015, FOVAHM opened the doors of Martigny Boutique Hotel and set out to change the lives of many. The 52-room hotel is an embodiment of FOVHAM’s work to empower people with learning difficulties who may have found it difficult to find employment in Switzerland.

As with any hotel, quality coffee is a necessity – an expected and proven part of guest satisfaction. From coffee with breakfast in the morning, to the conference room coffee break, all the way through to the base of the tiramisu made in the kitchen – the coffee had to be right. 

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Making coffee hot stuff...frankly speaking

Eversys partners with Frank&Honest

In 2015, the Musgrave Group (Musgrave), Ireland’s leading grocery retail and wholesale company, could see

that the coffee market in Ireland was changing fast. Consumers’ expectations of coffee out of home were shifting from a speedy caffeine fix to a high quality, gastronomic experience. 

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On the coffee trail

On the coffee trail

A good idea can transport you places, and when international retail and mobile coffee operator, MobileBarista, set out to make its vision of a mobile coffee solution a reality, the place it wanted to go was everywhere and anywhere. It needed a coffee kiosk on wheels that could take coffee to the customer, so the Coffee Cruiser was born.

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Hitting the road and blazing a trail for software innovation

SAP & Eversys

German multinational enterprise software company, SAP, knows pioneering technology.

Its software brings the Internet of Things (IOT) to life, digitalising eve- ryday objects to send and receive data, and handing total control to its customers, making their day to day lives run better. 

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'Feel the passion' from a Red Ferrari Eversys machine

Red Ferrari Eversys machine

Renato Guillerme would describe himself as an artist. Or rather a professional Coffee expert who loves coffee machines... and Ferrari. You mix both passions and it leads to a super sleek good-looking red Ferrari Eversys machine.
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A delicious journey to Sweden

Coffee Culture is very strong in Sweden. The Nordics love their coffee! There is therefore no surprise to see the high expectation standards around coffee … and more particularly around their coffee machines.

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Restaurant Le Dahu, Verbier, Switzerland.

Who would have thought to find the top-end quality coffee at the top of a mountain ?

That’s what happened to the customers of restaurant ‘Le Dahu’, in Verbier.

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