One year with De'Longhi

One year of partnership with De’Longhi


Back in June 2017 we finalised a partnership with one of the most influential and recognised names in the coffee industry, which saw De’Longhi take a 40% stake in our business. 


One year on from this major milestone in our short history, we spoke to our Chairman of the Board, Martin Strehl, to discuss the partnership as it reaches its first anniversary. 



How did the relationship with De’Longhi originally start?

De’Longhi contacted Eversys in June 2016 and wanted to visit us and find out more about our young company, which had already made some noise, had acquired a good reputation in the market. After their visit to Switzerland we got invited to see the De’Longhi headquarter and plant in Treviso, Italy. We could immediately feel a positive chemistry between the two parties and then started to talk about a possible cooperation. After intense negotiations, we were able to sign the cooperation agreement in April 2017.



De’Longhi were in attendance for the Cameo launch in October, how have they supported with the c’2 Cameo?

The c’2 Cameo development and launch was fully developed by the Eversys team as it had begin in conception 3 years prior. It was however important for us to present our new partner De’Longhi at HOST in Milano and give De’Longhi the possibility to present themselves and explain to our distributors and customers their values and intentions. This was very much appreciated by everyone and gave Eversys additional credibility.


We’ve seen an increase in events that Eversys is at this year – and a lot of them are with De’Longhi. How have the team found working at these events and what new markets have you began to explore?        

We are developing the synergies in some markets, as appropriate, step by step. Wherever it makes sense, we join forces at some events in SE Asia. In Japan and in Vietnam we held our Cameo Road Show at the booths of and together with De’Longhi, since their sales organisations in these markets were starting to also represent the Eversys product range. 


What’s the best thing about the partnership with De’Longhi?

It’s not one single thing. It’s the combination of various synergies, which we started developing carefully but sustainably. There is also the strengthening of our financial base, which allows us to execute our business plan faster and with more ambitions and last but not least it secures the long-term future of Eversys.


How involved with the business are De’Longhi?

There is no operational involvement of De’Longhi in our daily business, as agreed in our partnership. De’Longhi has two seats on our Board of Directors, where strategic matters are the primary focus. We are however aware of their presence and capabilities, and have made use of them in an unbureaucratic way, whenever we needed it. 


Where do you see the relationship with De’Longhi going in the future?

The relation will become more intimate with time. Both sides have a high respect of each other and we all need to learn first before we develop further, ensure the base is strong. The better we know and understand each other's business, the more fields of cooperation will open up and be realised.


How has De’Longhi’s experience helped you in designing your new factory?

De’Longhi helped us by transferring one of their managers to Eversys, who is in charge of building-up a modern and efficient production process for our new product the c’2 Cameo. He brings along a very valuable experience of high volume production with high quality standards regarding operational processes and efficiencies of scale.

One year with D'Longhi
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