Creating a brighter future for young coffee farmers

Eversys support Coffee Kids

Recently we unveiled the next generation of espresso machines, and when it comes to coffee it’s not only the end product we’re interested in, it’s the entire supply chain. It’s with this in mind that we’re proud to support another ‘next generation’ – the next generation of coffee farmers.


Coffee Kids is a charity that develops young coffee farmers around the world, providing training, support and seed capital to help them flourish. We’ve been involved in the initiative since several years and our support has already helped provide an acre of a coffee farm, a chicken farm and hours of training for the coffee farmers.


Through our partnership we’re helping ensure that farmers’ children can bring a fresh perspective to coffee farming. And, we hope our work will help optimise productivity and protect the future of those families for generations to come.


We believe it’s our responsibility to support the supply chain that maintains the coffee industry’s growth and Coffee Kids’ work is helping to pave a bright future for coffee. Find out more about Coffee Kids by visiting their website.

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