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A series of polls of the Barista Hustle coffee community have revealed what baristas most enjoy about their job, after receiving 2,796 responses from baristas worldwide.


Baristas were asked what their favourite part of their job is. The ‘satisfaction of producing a good cup of coffee’ came top (39%), with ‘customer interaction’ (33%) and ‘being able to explore coffee’ (21%) close behind. The manual side of coffee, ‘grinding and brewing’, only received 0.6% of the vote.


This was echoed by the 73% that somewhat or strongly agreed that they’d rather be interacting with customers and exploring coffee instead of making it.


Baristas were also asked what their least favourite part of the job is, and while ‘customer interaction’ also featured on that list, it only had 8% of the vote. Topping that poll was ‘early starts / late finishes’ (37%), with ‘when someone says expresso’ coming, understandably, second (20%).


The polls were hosted on the Barista Hustle Facebook group, run by founder Matthew Perger. Matt comments: “The results show that baristas enjoy the satisfaction of making great coffee more than the manual-side to coffee making. Customer interaction, coffee exploration, and great coffee are respectably their top priorities. I believe that once a coffee professional understands that their profession requires more intellect and emotion than mindless repetitive labour, we'll see significant increases in the satisfaction of those priorities. This is a good thing for humans on both sides of the bar."


The series of three polls were hosted on the Barista Hustle closed Facebook group from 7-25 September. In total the polls received 2,796 responses. The polls were shared by Matt Perger and the Barista Hustle Facebook group to bring even more relevance to our #theloveofcoffee campaign. The campaign is building to the launch of our next generation super-automatic espresso machine at HOST on 20 October.  

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